As I spent most of the day yesterday getting my taxes together, I did a little daydreaming. I did spend a whole 5 hours gathering my business taxes materials together, crazy….I know. I really should have an accountant, but I always think to myself “save the extra dollars” and then come to hate myself for ever even thinking that. When one owns a business {especially when it was a brick and mortar}, thinks are complicated. Receipts, write-offs, expenses……aaaaaagggghhhh.
This is why I did a little daydreaming, and this is what I dreamed about……bedrooms. lovely bedrooms…..

{oops, how did this one get here…}!!!

These are all from my favorite 2 mags of the whole world. Domino, which has me tearing up every time I think about it, and Country Living.
Have a great Friday my friends……

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