Could you live in one of these??

When we knew we were moving from Colorado to Illinois 2 years ago, I immediately jumped onto the Historic Properties web site to peruse around. I knew what I wanted….an old charming home. I was willing to forgo a finished basement for crown molding, an eat-in kitchen for french doors in the dining room, a master bathroom for hardwood floors. But this is me, and I told my hubby that I would be willing to sacrifice the “extra room” for a charming, small 3 bedroom home.

I found it immediately, and completely fell in love at first site.

My home hit 100 years old this year, and even though we are cramped in this home, I love it more every day. This home sits on half an acre, has extensive gardens in the back, and is blocks from charming downtown.

I decided to head back to this website and show you what all I found today…. This historic queen Anne is in Historic Greenville, ohio and dates 1902, is $579,000 and is a whopping 5700sf.

This home above is in Norway, Maine …it dates from 1894, and is just my style. Living quarters are upstairs with a retail space downstairs.

And, right in my price range of $149,000 with 2100sf.

oh, and be still my beating heart! This home above is in Redlands, Calif and was built in 1902, has a wrap around porch and is listed for $589,000 with 2771 sf.

And this Victorian Queen Anne above sits in Sac City, Iowa……it was built in 1893, is listed for $269,000 and is 5500sf! Are you kidding me? 55oo sf……

and last but not least, this home is in Mound City, Illinois. Built in 1913, is used as a B&B right now, sits on over 2 acres, is listed for $329,000 and is 4379 sf!

Did you see one that stops you in your tracks?
Please do tell me, what is your “style” dream home?


  1. My great-grandfather built the last house in your list. David D. Harris, Jr and built many other buildings in Mound City, IL.

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