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Have you ever picked up the magazine “Where women Create”? It’s put out by Stampington & Co., and it’s quarterly magazine shows the amazing places where women create. It’s pretty incredible, some of the spaces that they show, whole floors of homes turned into creative spaces, fabulous rooms, to die for spaces. Come on in, this is where I create, this is my space.

This place is my sunroom / office/ shop at the moment. It’s where I take my photo’s because the light in here is amazing even in the grayest of the winter.

I’m not a crafter, you won’t find me creating in that way, but what I am is a visualizer. I create with my eyes, my sense of style, and my brain never seems to want to stop. A girlfriend commented the other day, she said, ” do you ever stop”? And the truth is.. No. I wake up in the middle of the night with new ideas, and have to jot them down. I am a visual person. I don’t create with my hands, I create with my eyes. I carry my camera around with me everywhere, because there is beauty everywhere, its just knowing how to find it.

This is where I work now that there is no more shop. This is my shop. This is where I read to my children. This is where I have my morning cup of coffee {minus the croissants, thank you}. This is where I start my day. This is where I catch up on your day to day, and let you know about mine. This is where I wrap and package your orders.

Now you know where I work.

Have a great Monday!

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