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So, the other day in the car I was talking to my children about college, and how when they finish high school, that there is college and that is another 4 years of school. Well, my {now} 8 year old was enthralled that you actually get to move out of the house and go somewhere else to live to go to school. So we finished talking about college and moved on to the subject of “after college, you go and get a job”.

Let me just tell you it all goes downhill from here.

At this point one of my children then says to me “well mom, how come you don’t work? All you do is stay home, so why should I have to go to work”!??

Well SWEETHEART, let me CLARIFY FOR YOU a few things…..

Do you like the dinner that was made for you last night?

Do you like having someone helping you with your homework?

Do you like having clean clothes?

Do you like that I care that you have clean fingernails?

{oops, this pic of Fin falling asleep on the floor while I blogged wasn’t supposed to be here}

Do you like how I help in school? Do you like how I bring your tennis shoes to school for you when you forget?

I might not work outside my home anymore and make any money doing what I do, but I sure feel good about where I’m at.

{ Trying to juggle the shop, the home, the kids, and the hubby, is a piece of cake. It’s the finger nail clipping that’s the work let me tell you. really.}

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