Meet the boys…..

I realized, after a reader emailed me a bit ago about her love of my kiddo’s names, that i have yet to show you the boys room. I was at a complete loss when it came down to decorating a boys room, understandably, because I am a girly girl {and it took alot out of me to not just hang a chandelier in here}. I also love, let me say it again………..Ikea. The bunkbeds are from there, as are the book racks above their beds, and some of the furniture. We had a limit on what we could spend on the boys room, and nothing sounded better than a $300 set of darling bunkbeds. The walls were painted, and then I went to town, better known as Ikea…

I found this old Stop sign at a yard sale a few years ago and along with the clocks {Ikea}, we now have the

“stop time” wall.

I found these letters at Hobby Lobby, and spray painted them a dark blue. “Strong”, that is what I strive for my boys to be, not only in character, but in faith and just being who they are. I got the letter idea from my friend Meg over at “Whatever“, she has a playroom that is magazine worthy!

My boys. Mason and Fin. Almost 8, and almost 4. I even negotiated the other day with Fin, asking him if he could be 3 forever, just for me. Please, i begged.

Nope, he said, I’m going to be 4, then I’m going to be 5, and when i turn 5 mommy, I’m getting a dog.

… this HERE over at Shabby Nest.

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