If I could only help…..

Most of us in bloggy land have heard of little Cora, and if you have not, you can read all about her HERE.
This is a little girl who in 4 weeks time went from having some ear infections to cancer, to her little life ending here on earth. Heartbreaking. BUT, her story will live on, and for those that want to help, donations are being set up so that a playground will be built in her honor. If you would like to donate directly, go HERE. Now, this is where I come in. I can’t do much, but what I can do is offer these lovely small ceramic bird dishes {the yellow ones are in shop}, but I decided to put the lovely blue ones here on my blog and offer them to you with ALL proceeds going directly to the Build a Playground for Cora. I only have a handful of them, and once their gone, their gone, but by buying one, you know that you’ve done something so sweet, and loving to help Cora’s family .

Just email me kasey@lolabboutique.com if you’d like one. They are $9.95 plus $6.50 for shipping. I will send you a paypal invoice and I will ship it right out.
*update* you girls are wonderful!!!!! all sold, and I thank you!!!

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