You either love it or you hate it….

A friend told me a while ago that i should put my home pics on “rate my space”. If you don’t know about it, it’s part of

Well, I did and the response has been overwhelming! People can rate my rooms, one by one, and give suggestions, or just say they “love” it, or sometimes even “hate” it.

I haven’t posted pictures of my kitchen yet, because of my entire house, it’s the only room that doesn’t flow.

Cherry cabinets, black quartz counters, black appliances. To some of you, you would scream for joy to have that, but for me…….it doesn’t flow with my “cottage” palate. The cabinet in the pic above sits in my kitchen amidst the black and cherry. She’s like a poor soul of white swimming alone!

This is the room that has gotten the most “what the heck were you thinking” comments! Now, of course, i love my bedroom. To me, it walked right out of Anthro and parked in my master. BUT, some people don’t get the creative aspect, and chew it to pieces and then spit it out. I mean really, who would put vintage sheet music on their walls? ME, that’s who! Read about it HERE.

And here is my bathroom. It not only is the master bathroom, it’s shared by Lola as well. The walls are hand painted stripes of Red and purple, with a gold stripe going down the middle. I call it French twist, read about it HERE.

As you can see, some people love what i’ve done and some not so much.

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