So, you are wondering what the heck does “hisnande” mean right? Hisnande is Swedish for “breathtaking”.

We all have our views on what is breathtaking for each of us individually, but for me, my new found love for pale grays and creams, just screams to me “hisnande“. I am in love with everything Swedish, and the way the decor is there eludes such calm and tranquility. Do you agree?

I just painted these lovely chairs the palest gray and adorned the seats in a” hisnande ” cream linen fabric.

I could re-decorate my whole living room with these colors. shhhh. don’t tell.

These Swedish inspired vintage chairs are now available in shop. I had the hardest time deciding whether to keep them or sell them, but …..

**update** Thank you all for the wonderful prayers and well wishes for baby Wren! She has RSV and pneomonia, and on oxygen and i.v.’s. She will likely be in the
hospital for a week or so. Hopefully.
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