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I want to introduce you to Alix, she is the author my favorite fashion blog The Cherry Blossom Girl. It was because of her that I even started a fashion blog in the first place. “huh”, you say. Yes, I had a fashiony type blog, but it was just not going where i wanted it to. Some of you knew of it, most of you didn’t. Well, it’s gone. done. I’ve gotten some emails this last week, wondering……”where did it go”???? Well, it’s moved here, to my first and foremost blog. I am the author, i can do what i want. Why can’t I mix fashion with shop, and style and family……? I can! Yes, i can.

The great thing about fashion, is it’s addictive. You can pull it off. Yes, even with a small amount to spend, it can be done. You’ll see!

I even found my friend Rebekah posing for the camera!

Hello Rebekah! Rebekah has the blog Littlebyrd, and I love this girl. We decided that we are heading to France and with her love of vintage combined with style, and my love of style combined with vintage, it’s going to be one fabulous trip. We even thought that if we could get a magazine to sponsor the trip for us, we could blog about the whole thing, and also write a nice little feature for the magazine.

{i will hold off on all other offers till i hear from you}

Okay girls, the next few photo’s are of me. yes, me. Now I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t like being photographed, because I do. It’s fun. I love style. I love to show you style. I love clothes. cute clothes…
and if other girls can do it, why shouldn’t I?

{this little dress I have on below was from the gap, clearenced at $24 late summer.} Oh, and the birdcage necklace…….right HERE.

{ and this one below is not because the paparazzi was following me, HA! It was for a post on my old fashiony blog. Gosh, i do love that hat! Bday gift from the hubby, and he knows me so well…}

{The skirt above is from my dear friend Christina’s shop Sage Creek. It’s a local shop here in town.} Oh, and the hat again, did i tell you that i love that hat?

I’m going to finish up here by saying that the shoes above are from Target of all places, and on sale for a whopping $18, and if that’s not a good deal, they were completely clearanced 2 weeks ago for $8!!!!
So, there you go girls, the diary of a girl, who loves style, and of course her hat.

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