the beauty within….

I don’t want to bore everyone with MORE vacation pictures, but i thought these had to be shown. Keep reading….

What makes photography so beautiful? To me, it’s just capturing the beauty from within, and i still can’t figure out what my camera can really do. That brings me to my next point. How does one choose a winner to a contest when everyone should be a winner?

The first contest i held was the opening of my online shop, and i had a random number selector choose the winner. The last contest I held was in celebration of my 100th post, and i just hand chose the winner {sweet darling Paige}. This time around, i threw in a twist. You had 2 chances to win, if you also posted about the contest on your own blog.

I’ve had my blog up and running for just over a year, have had over 100 posts, have made some wonderful blog friends, who’ve shared, cared, rejoiced, loved, and encouraged. There are a group of you who read every word I post, comment on every picture i share, and push me when i need to be pushed ..

I’m growing in ways I’ve never thought possible. So, to each of you, thank you for coming back, again and again.

….and to the winner of the One Year Giveaway, Tara of Blondiensc.

{just let me know Tara, which prize you chose}

….and to Jen, my faithful pregnant friend,

Jen, who is prego with her 9th,

I am sending your donkey some food.
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