400 days and counting…..

Four hundred days or so, my youngest child will be 5 years old {don’t get me going on how my “baby” is going to be 5…} and with that my husband and I have agreed that when the youngest turns 5, that we would consider getting a puppy. This puppy, this adorable dog, is a French Bulldog. It’s the only one I want, and the only one I will say “yes” to. I of course want him NOW, but agreements are agreements, and really, what’s another 400 days or so? Who am i kidding……take a look…

How can you go wrong with one of these? They fit in your hands and don’t get too big. They scream out “loveable”, “adorable”, and “smoochable”.

Need I say more?
{these adorable photo’s come from Sharon Montrose, who is a beautiful animal photographer. check her out here}

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