What do you love?

I’ll tell you what I love to collect, bell jars and old suitcases. I’ve seen numerous ideas for what you can do with a bell jar or cloche, from putting a plant underneath or a collection of your favorite old bottles. Under one of my bell jars, I have a pic of my mom when she was a baby, along with some petite old bottles (also one of my fav’s for collecting), and in the other bell jar, some old books (who doesn’t love old, small books?) and one of my nests from the shop.
With suitcases, i like them stacked in my corner of the living room with a birdcage on top. I’ve seen suitcases piled next to a bed and used as a nightstand, or just a few stacked and used as a small coffee table.
Starting next week, I’m going to try and post a project, that i am currently working on and you can do at home….ie: transforming an old window into a piece of art, or even simply painting a piece of furniture. I paint a LOT of furniture, and even do it for my customers who want to turn their drab piece of furniture to fab, and it’s so EASY to do!
I have a floor lamp, that i just found, and it’s going to be project #1, so check back soon…..
p.s. Sherman the catapillar is in God’s garden enjoying the bounty of his garden.
I think we will hold off on any more “pets” in our house…….