To play or not to play……

I wanted to find out how many of you play music on your blog. I for one, love music
and LOVE the selection i have playing in the background. I would say about 50% of the blogs
i visit have music playing, and some of the music selection is just downright not pleasant,
and some is just lovely that i want to keep coming back again.
I tend to pick tunes that are not in the “know” and are from
new or not heard of artists.
Soothing, enjoyable,breathable.
But, that’s me.
I want to know what you think.
I’ll tell you what turns me off is when i head to a blog and
AC/DC is playing, or if Bon Jovi is on (even though i love him),
the music makes the blog.
I know everybody has their “own” perception of what is nice on their
blog and what’s not.
I want to take a little poll and find out what you think!

Take the poll on the right (since i don’t know how to put it here).
OH, and don’t forget to comment about what you like or dislike about music on blogs!!

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