Pretty in pink….

I was in Cali last week and we were driving down the 101 toward Santa Barbara when BEHOLD, a pink car up ahead!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, so i said to Bryan “catch up”

We did and it was just as lovely in person!

So cool.

We found this antique birdcage at a wonderful antique shop in Summerland. From the late 1800’s France.

I’ll tell you, if i could afford it, i would have bought it on the spot and shipped it home, but $2400 was not in my vocabulary!

I am on the lookout for a lovely antique birdcage though….

I have been wanting one and fill it with Finches for the shop. I saw this at a lovely little shop in San Luis Obispo (thanks for the idea Kimberly).

And last but not least, this wonderful piece was full of my favorites, old apothecary bottles……….