One of my favorite rooms…..really!

Why is it, that the room that we wait to do, should actually be the first to do.

This is my bedroom that i just finished. I am a bedding fanatic (amongst other things), and have gone thru countless sets. Does the bedding look familiar? Yes, you got it, it’s from Anthro.

Yup, the pillows also.

See the door next to the bed? That goes to the closet that i showed you a while back. Yup, that closet that i told you would only take a month to do, and of course it’ll be another two months.

I did finish painting the closet, but that’s about it.

And of course, my repertoire of vintage sheet music comes out to play on my walls. Hubby says i go a little overboard, but hey, it’s better than the “U2” poster that i can envision him putting up if it were up to him