an ode to friendships….

What is it about friendships that make us cry, laugh, love, behave like babies, and make us downright silly? I know for myself, that I treasure good friendships. Why are true, meaningful friends so hard to find?

Oh, I have a lot of friends, but true friends, those that truly, and I mean truly care about me, and what goes on with even the mundane little things in life, I can count on one hand.

I’ve lost good friendships over silly things. I’ve seen friends behave like i don’t even know who they really are, and wonder what is it that I first saw in them.

Who wouldn’t want a true, real friendship?

I’ve come to know some pretty wonderful friends through this blog, and you are so inspiring, you are, and you.

Friendships. Here is to a new year of getting to know you better.

{do you love the photo’s? check them out HERE, my current blog crush}

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