Meet the little guy…..

This is my little guy Fin. He is almost 3 1/2, the youngest of my three kids and the last.
Ever since Fin was born, I have done very little to record his life.
My friend and i were discussing yesterday how our third child really is just the bounce off child.
Our first, goes to music classes, gymboree classes, we start playgroups, and we cater to their every need.

Our second child MIGHT get a class here or there, but get shuffled to the older child’s classes nonetheless.

Then comes the third, if you even get to three.
We always knew we wanted three, but with the first two so close in age (16 mo.) we knew we had to space.
“Space” you say?
only 2 1/2 years later little Fin was born.
NO music classes, NO Gymboree classes, No this or No that.
Little Fin gets shuffled to all of the older kids sports, dance, and what not. His favorite show is SpongeBob, just like the 7 year old.
But in all of that, he is by far the sweetest child. I also think he’s darn cute. Beach blond like his dad was when he was that age.
So here is Fin, the third child.