For the Love of these…..

I guess I will have to keep waiting. Santa didn’t hear my “want” again this year. I’ve had a yearning, a wish, a completely materialistic “want” for over a few years now. I’ve wanted a vintage truck. I’ve even started loving the old milk delivery trucks, oh how they call my name whenever I see one. The picture of the ones above are calling out to me, and not just to me, but to little Lola as well. We could be a team, her and I, with out twin set of trucks. I see the new slogan now…….”Lola B’s delivers”. Need some drawer pulls in a jiffy? Want some French honey, or some lavender sugar? Lola B’s to the rescue, we are on our way!

How about this one above? Outfitted with our name and web? Plenty of room in the back for some lovely painted furniture…..or how about a case of bird candles?

I think this one is calling out to the hubby, but alas, he said “no thank you”. I guess it’ll just have to be for me then.

Yes, for the love of old trucks, and especially old milk delivery trucks. I will keep wishing, loving, admiring the material concept.

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