lovely find….

I had a lovely Saturday at the Flea market with one of my best friends who was visiting from Colorado. My friend Jeanne, who also happens to be going with me to Ohio next month (I can’t believe I just said “next month”!!) for the Country Living Fair.
Anyways, Jeanne grew up about an hour from St. Charles, and was here with her kids visiting. So I told her, you can’t not come and not hit the flea market.
We had a fabulous day, with a lot of finds. My favorite was this mirror……….omg……………..So fabulous!! It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it’s almost 5 feet tall. I have it sitting on a desk right now at the shop and will be bringing it with me to Ohio…..

Do you see that adorable bird frame? Yup, that’s one of Jeanne’s. All of her handmade lovelies that i carry here at the shop will be at the show in Ohio as well……

Can’t wait!