A little gossip!

I just love a little gossip, don’t you?
First, don’t you just love altered art? Well, i have to say congrats to my friend Molly at Mixing Whimsy, she was contacted by Somerset about her lovely bottles, so I hope everything works out for her, nothing like a little free press!
Second, you just have to read, if you haven’t yet, what Andrea from Velvet Strawberries wrote earlier in the week about ideas, and it is SO true! Everyone has a place in this “retail, craft,blogging” world, lets just not steal ideas and copy them as their own!
And lastly, I wanted to get my friends a little attention, as they just landed into blog land!
My friend Beth, who has a shop in my old stomping grounds of Colorado, and my Friend Jeanne, who has an Etsy shop (and is truly one of the most talented girls EVER). I carry almost everything that Jeanne makes in my shop!
My friend Sara, from Sadieolive designed both their blogs, and they turned out just LOVELY!
Anyways, enough GOSSIP for now!