Life with five kids….

This is Brenna with Cole

The babes, Cassidy and Cole

Sorry Brenna, had to get you in a pic of “mother of five” eats on the go!

Lola and I had a flight out Friday morning to Utah, to visit one of my very best friends Brenna who just had her twins. Now, heading to Utah made me a little Leary, since everyone knows that I love my skinny vanilla latte every morning and a good glass of red vino in the eve, but alas………..plenty of starbucks around and I even ordered a glass of red at dinner when we went out. Brenna assured me that just because they were Mormon, and lived in Utah, that they were still part of the norm:)
Her twins marked babies 4 &5, and let me tell you, there are only a handful of people that I know, that could handle this.

I met Brenna 7 years ago in Colorado when we had our first boys in Gymboree class. “Oh, Gymboree class” you say? Yes, I did mention that in the previous post, didn’t I? That’s a class that you do with your first born, maybe second born, but not third, forth or fifth!! LOL!!!.
Brenna lives about 30 minutes from Park City, and it’s beautiful where she is, reminds me of Colorado.