Life on the road…..

My dad officiated the ceremony, in my parents backyard. On the lake…….
This is Bonny, my brothers new wife, his love, his friend…..
my kids, in my parents backyard….
backyard again…
our family.

Well, we just returned from a Fabulous trip that started in Colorado and lead us down to New Mexico for my brothers wedding. I started the trip with low expectations, considering I had all 3 kids in tow, and Bryan wasn’t joining us for a few days. We had a fun few days in Colorado, and needless to say, I still miss everyone there!

We then drove down to Angel Fire, New Mexico. This is where my parents retired to from California, and I truly think that New Mexico is not the prettiest state (sorry mom, sorry Julia Roberts), but it’s just not a beautiful state, not until you reach this lake in Angel Fire. This last weekend of seeing family, and my brother making a lifelong commitment to the love of his live, just made me appreciate all the little things.

I have to say, the kids were the best they have ever been, and I am so excited to post these pics!

I LOVE, Love, love my new camera and also what my new computer lets me do!

Please let me know what you think!!!