The Kane County Flea

With business at it’s slowest, this last month of February,

I made the decision to step it up and signed up to

bring my petite boutique with me to

the Kane County Flea Market.

For those of you familiar with large (and well known) flea

markets, you either have it or you don’t.

My flea market, which I’ll call “Kane” from now forward, is a once

a month event that draws thousands. Now when I say thousands, i mean, normally,

warm and favorable months of the year!

Kane has been closed the last few months due

to some construction, and March was going to be good,

considering this was the first month back after a 2 month hiatus.

I signed up, mind you, getting the last indoor spot available.


And away we go……………………………………..

I have to say, for me being a “newby” to the Kane,

I held on by the seat of my pants to see what would happen.
Did i mention that i was stuck between mullet matt
and ranger rick?
No worries, though….lol!
With that being said, the Kane was a huge success and
“Thank you” to my lovely new friend and customer Julie
who drove quite a ways just to come see me and then
took her sister to my shop for a looksie.