I’m in love.

I’m in Love. This is baby Wren, she was born 3 weeks early, and Tuesday she was a week old. I was lucky to host the baby shower, and help { a wee bit} with the nursery. Lola got to hold her for at least an hour before I could get my hands on her. I don’t know about you, but I LOVED the newborn stage, actually loved it all, sleepless nights and all. I wanted to show you some of Wren’s room, since every newborn should get this treatment.

{If you are named Wren, then you need to have a stretched canvas of a bird over the changing table}

{ We found a petite vintage birdcage at the Flea market, and adorned the inside with bird tags}

{Here we took a dress and framed it in an antique frame}
Thanks for taking the time to read a post about my darling friends baby, and her room!
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