A day in the life…..

Oh my! This has been the scene in front of my shop for the last few days, as the workers tear up the area between the sidewalk and the street. Luckily, they left me a teeny tiny area for my customers to SQUEEZE thru!
Lola turns 6
and who doesn’t love a homemade cake

with piped floral frosting?? If I had time, then

yes, it would be homemade, but alas, Costco to

the rescue!

This is my little guy Fin on the left, with his buds

Connor and Tyler.

…and of course the adults…..


In other news, I am headed off to the lovely state of California on Saturday for some much needed R&R. My hubby and I are heading to San Simeon for a whole week where my parents have a house on the beach. (thanks mom and dad!)

We will be doing some wine tasting, some shopping in the lovely town of San Luis Obispo, some relaxing and ……..