"Out of the way from everywhere….."

So we just got back from a whirlwind trip to Ohio, normally a little under a 7 hour drive, but with children make it 9. We had a lovely Thanksgiving with B’s family….more pics to come soon.

I’ve been wanting to stop at Mcmaster & Storm for 2 years now, but with their slogan of “Out of the way from everywhere…and on the way to nowhere” drilled in my head (and my husband who’s doing the driving) it’s been hard. Their shop is right on the Indiana/Ohio border, but a good 30 minutes from I-70, and that’s what we were on.

Luckily, we got to stop there today,(thank your Bryan!!!) and Darcy, it’s just darling! Kara and Darcy run this shop together, though Kara was with her family on the East Coast for Thanksgiving.

I got to peruse the shop, buying a few things (stapler out of stock!) and taking in some photo’s. The shop was full of customers, and being a small retailer, it’s wonderful to have that on Black Friday.

Thanks for the warm hospitality Darcy,missed you Kara, your shop is just lovely!! (and out of the way from everything……)

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