Gratitude……and a little frosting on top.

I wanted to let you know, my lovely readers, that I truly appreciate you! I might not always tell you, but I do.
I occasionaly get letters from you, and that makes my day. Knowing that I am reaching out to you, really makes me thankful that i have you to tell all about my happenings.
So, thank you dear reader!
I also wanted to fill you in on something special! I believe I am coming on my 100th post!!
Now, that calls for a celebration don’t you think?? So…………….keep checking back, and we will see what it will be……………………….

Dear Kasey,

Here I am…a girl completely new to the computer. I just got internet for the first time last week and I am trying to create a website for an online store that my sister in law and I are trying to start. I was surfing around doing research and found the farm chicks. They seem really great. I found your sites from theirs. The first time I clicked on your blog and that music started…I was mesmerized! I put the blog on my “favorites star” and kept finding myself returning to hear Regina. You have me completely hooked on her music. I can’t get it out of my head.
I love your website. It is beautiful. It’s like opening the page of a really good scrapbook.
I too am 34. I am the mother of 2 lovely girls, 7 and 5. I love all things French, the color white, and being outdoors.
My family and I live in a 1901 Craftsman house in Missouri. I love our old house…it took me two years to talk my husband into it and it was worth the wait. It is a work in progress but so satisfying to finish each project.
It has been fun to look through your decorating ideas, and your photography is enviable. (I don’t have a digital camera yet-that is next on my list to update me into this century)
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve enjoyed the reading and have been inspired.
Best Wishes,

Hi,> >> > My name is Gail Kramer, I live about 30 miles outside Washington, D.C., in > > Maryland close to Annapolis and I wanted to introduce myself as a new > > reader and follower of your blog. I first discovered the decorating blog > > world a few months ago and was instantly hooked. I was inspired to start > > my own blog and I’m having a great time with it so far.> >> > I wanted to thank you for being part of that inspiration. I’ve been a > > wife for 20 years and a stay-at-home mother for 12 years and this is the > > first time in my life I really feel like I’m bursting to fuel my own > > passions (decorating, writing, selling fabulous finds) and its thanks to > > women like yourself that I’ve discovered in the blog world that I feel > > empowered to do my own thing. You’re out there leading by example and > > it’s amazing for women like me to be able to sit in the comfort of our own > > homes and “watch” it happen. It’s inspiring, and I thank you for helping > > in part to fuel a desire that’s been hidden way too long in me.> >> > I think sometimes the hardest part of redefining yourself is actually > > saying the words. For some it comes easier than others, but for me, I > > feel so brave to just put myself “out” there now and actually proclaim > > what I want to do. It feels good.> >> > Keep up the great blogging, you’re inspiring lots of people you probably > > aren’t even aware of. I just wanted to make sure I told you how you’ve > > inspired me.> >> > Thank you!> >> > Gail Kramer

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