Did somebody say it’s my 100th POST?

I can’t believe this is my 100th post. I have to say that i love to post, and that when i say i won’t be posting for a week, well…..it’s just hard to stay away.
Does anyone else feel the same way? I always have something to say. From the “thank you’s” to you lovely readers, to pics of my kids, and shop shots, to what i even have on for the day.
So, tell me my dear readers, what you are grateful for today. Just one thing that you woke up and decided that you are grateful for.
I woke up this morning and was grateful for the wonderful night i had with my hubby. We went to see Jackopierce, and haven’t see them in over 10 years. They still have it by the way.

O.k. so for the 100th post, i of course only think it’s proper to have an ANTHRO giveaway.
Don’t you?
Could you use a new skirt? How about half of a boot? Or some small Christmas stocking stuffers?
A $100 gift card is coming your way. Tell me one thing you woke up and were grateful for.
Winner will be picked fair and square with numbers in a hat, and B picking it out!
Thank you for always coming back to Lola B’s.
By the way……………..you can still shop for some lovely Christmas goodies here.

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