Holiday fun at my house!

Yesterday I had an appt. at a customers home, to “evaluate” her dining room. She wants all of her furniture painted, and because that is what i do on the “side”, I spent an hour at her lovely home and we discussed what I could provide for her.

Then we started to talk about how disappointed my customers are about me not being open for the Holidays, since i am closing at my current location Nov 15th. So, that leaves the busiest of the Holiday season with only an “online” shop, and my local customers don’t really want to spend it online, when they could just “pop” in to Lola B’s for a quick gift, and we all know about “The great customer service”!

Maisy suggested that i have a “Holiday Open House” at my home, fill it with all the wonderful things that Lola B’s has, plus a bunch of new items, have some light refreshments and then I could also talk about the “New and eagerly anticipated” Lola B’s Boutique!

I thought that was a LOVELY plan!

So Mark your calendar for Friday December 5th from 10a-8p.

Email me at , and let me know if you would like to be added to the Invite list, and then I will send you the invite with my home address on it! Feel free to bring a friend or few, stop by while the kids are at school, or after hubby gets home.

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