Happy for what we have….

How many of us know of a house that looks like this? It may not be in our neighborhood, but we’ve seen it and wonder “who” could live like that? Are they happy? Are they working?

Then you wonder if they had the chance, would they love to have a house like

This! And then you wonder if the people that live in this house are happy with it, and do they “really” want a house like….
This! Now, of couse we assume that the people living here MUST be happy and content with what they have! How could they NOT be happy? Or do they want a house like…..
This? This is what we strive for, what people want right? The grand house, the “image” of it must
be perfect inside? Am I wrong?

Then there is this family, who’s homeless, living out of their car. And do you know what they want? All that they want? All they want is something like

(all photo’s courtesy of Flickr)

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