Cleaning out the closet…

Back in the day, i used to carry the Rosanna line in my shop, and hoarded of course my favorites. Well, i spent the afternoon cleaning out the garage, and came across some of the hoarded goods. So, here it is, all as good as new.
I have 2 teapots in the Black and White toile that were originally $30 and now for you $10! They come all packaged in a sweet box! I also have 4 sets of appi plates (4 in a box) that were also $30 originally, and now $10 per box. ONE TEAPOT & TWO PLATE SETS LEFT
And………………this super sweet set of 6 dessert plates! Only one left of this set. Orig was $49, but for you, it’s only $18! SOLD!

Just email me if you want in on these goods!
*of course shipping is extra!

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