Who needs some sugar?

I think i need some sugar. I literally am running around like a chicken over here as i try and get ready for things here and there.
First, the area the shop is in here in St. Charles, is having it’s annual sidewalk sale this weekend. Starts tomorrow and i am crazy trying to price all the things i want to fly out the door.
Second, I leave next Wednesday for Ohio.
Just got a letter stating that presales for The Country Living Fair have outnumbered the amount of actual people that attended last year. That’s just presale tickets mind you, not the people that just show up for the day.
I’m not sleeping, since I’m up at night thinking about how I’m going to arrange and set up shop, constantly going over scenario’s.
And to boot, i have the shop’s One year anniversary party in 4 weeks!
Thanks for listening! I can’t wait to meet a bunch of you in Ohio next week!!

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