I’ll never be a photographer….

When i met Sara about a year ago, i had to have the camera that she used for all of her photo’s. She has since traveled a long ways with her photography and can now officially call herself a “photographer”.

I of course, love all aspects of taking the photo, but have not a clue when it comes to anything related to it. Depth…huh?, aperture……say that again?, contrast…….sorry?

Today, when the juvenile delinquents returned home from school, and were outside playing, I of course assume that they are doing what normal delinquents do, but alas, they were picking flowers for me……………………..for me! Look at the colors the camera picked up! Crazy.

Oh, yes, I do have the latest photoshop, but when i pull it up on my screen, do you know what shouts back at me? Wine. That’s what. Because i need at least 2 glasses of that before i would even think of being chalenged to tackle it.

I do know for sure, that I love my camera, and the wonderful pictures that come from it, not me.

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