I would like to thank the academy……

So, I was tagged twice in the last week. First from Sara at SadieOlive, and secondly from Ruth at TheBeautiful Life.

I’m really not much into being tagged, but since it is my FIRST time winning anything, let alone someone who actually thinks my blog is something special, I thought I will play along.

And really, since i’m not really FRANTICALLY busy now as i’m trying to get out the door for Ohio……hmmm.

So, i have to play this forward and nominate 7 more blogs that i think are special reads!
2. Suzanne at S.hop talk
3. Melissa at The lil bee
4. Claudia at Paris Apartment
5. Andrea at Velvet Strawberries
6. Rebekah at Little byrd
7. Julia at Hooked on Houses

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